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Here at the Kazoku Dojo, we offer 3 levels of Kids Classes!

Little Ninjas Level 1
Ages 4-6


Do you have a pre-schooler that wants to grow up to be a Superhero or a Ninja? The L1 Little Ninja class at the Kazoku Dojo is where it all starts! 

The Little Ninja curriculum was developed specifically for children ages 4-6.  As the premier martial arts program for pre-school and Kindergarten age children, the Little Ninja program provides students with a strong foundation of physical and mental skills.

Listening, following directions, respect, and self-discipline. These are all skills that are essential for success for kids in elementary school and beyond. We help develop these attributes through fun, exciting, high-energy martial arts classes that help burn off some of that 4-6 year old energy too!

Little Ninjas Level 2
Ages 7-9


Our Little Ninja Level 2 class builds on the Level 1 class but then adds some kicking, punching, some beginner's ground fighting and the basics of Ukemi (rolling and falling safely)   They will participate in Sparring and grappling events designed to prepare them for real self defense.  They will need a mouthpiece as well as padded headgear and MMA style goves.

Kazoku Teens
Ages 10-15

This level will receive an official Kazoku Dojo Training Manual.  Replacement cost is $30 if lost or damaged.

At this level, we train the teens exactly the same as we train the adults but half the curriculum.  Kazoku Teens will learn all facets of self defense including, but not limited to:  Punching, Kicking, Ground Fighting, Throwing, Chokes, Arm Locks, Wrist Locks, Shoulder Locks, Ankle and Leg Locks, Nerve Attacks, Pain Points and the use of many weapons such as a knife, various lengths of sticks, ropes/cords and even a sword.  They will also learn the strategy of defending themselves against multiple attackers and how to come out on top of a knife/stick/gun attack.

We do NOT coddle or baby the Kazoku Teens.  The training is rigorous and designed to allow your kids a means to make it home safely to you, no matter what or who they face.  We do NOT participate in tournaments.  We do NOT hand out participation trophies.  They will EARN every rank through hard work and dedication.

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