Dear Parents,

          We have decided to not offer youth classes during these difficult and stressful times.  Though we feel that kids need this more than ever, we believe the fear, however misplaced is something that will linger on for quite sometime.  We will notify everyone when and if we decide to resume the youth classes.  Thank you all for your commitment to our school and each other during these incredibly trying times.   Thank you again for your years of trust in me as a teacher.  I hope to see you soon.  Stay safe. 

Sensei Eric


AGES 6*-14

Welcome to our Junior Ninja page!

(6* to 14 Year Olds)

Here at the Kazoku Dojo, we start our kids off with the basics of rolling, leaping and falling.  We also work in the kicking, the punching and evasion techniques.   We also work in conditioning as well by tapping into our non-sport Karate training.


We firmly believe in focusing on philosophy, character, integrity and what it means to be a good person.  We feel without these things, it's easy to create people who know how to fight but they have no idea when not to.  Technique without conscience is a bad combination.


We do NOT participate in tournaments due to the nature of our arts.  Most of the things taught to them have been born out of war and conflict, both in Japan and Okinawa.

Sensei Eric requires good grades from his students as well as disciplined students at home by being respectful to parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.  It is required to be helpful and compassionate to others when feasible. 


Join us on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6pm - 6:45pm

*Age requirement will be based on maturity of the potential student and decided by the senior instructor.

Bullies...we don't like 'em.  They are a cancer in society that needs to be eradicated.  In this video, Sensei Eric explains 6 principles that will help bolster your child's confidence and give them the tools they need to deal with them.

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