No, We're not trying to teach you how to punch or kick an attacker who is likely bigger and stronger than you! That takes YEARS of practice! We're giving you our "Down N Dirty" tricks to disable your attacker and escape! We aim to give you tools that you can use IMMEDIATELY to SAVAGELY crush your opponent...or you can be as benevolent as you want.  The choice is yours.  YOU will be in control.

We will also be using one of the greatest, compact self defense tools of all time: the Kubotan! We will provide one for you to train with for free, but you can keep it for $10 cash at the end of class. It goes right on your Keychain if you want for those dark, lonely walks to your car or work. An absolute savage weapon when used properly!

Ages 14 and up are welcome (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult), but please understand that we will be discussing mature content such as rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and abduction. However, it will not be EXTREMELY physical.

You will train at your own risk!


11/15 WSD Registration

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in the Kazoku Dojo's Women's Self Defense Class!  

 Come join other women just like you! Human trafficking, rape, sexual assault and domestic violence are at an all time high!

100% FREE!

Topics include:
•Situational Awareness
•Recognizing a threat
•Joint & Bone manipulation
•Pain compliance
•Counters to Sexual Assault & Rape

Great for nurses, teachers, single mothers, teenagers and anyone with a pulse!
Ages 14 and up.  Must be able to comprehend adult material.
You MUST register below to join the class.

Remember always, Ladies:  YOU ARE YOUR OWN FIRST RESPONDER!

March 1, 2020 Class! 

January 2020 Class!

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